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*Digital Detox*

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*Top Revenue Generation Strategies*

Tony S. wanted to detox from social media and develop a routine for deep work:

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Awesome insight, Kris is the Man!!

Reverend 20 Piece


I remember Kris talking about bitcoin saying "you got to invest in this" well I did at the right time Bitcoin was around 6-7k price its at now and it took off to 20k a week later Thank you Mr Cantu!



You game me inspiration when these other faceless cowards only preached defeat.  Thanks Kris you're the man!

Josh rodriguez


Best video ever!  Kris is an amazing guy!

Aussie Drama


Antonio wanted to get through his finals and build his musical empire.

Antonio S.

Music Major

Kris’s Focus Case Study gave me the information and tools to be able to tackle the hard tasks I have as a musician.

Through the sessions, I saw that I was addicted to Youtube and had a hard time focusing on my craft. 

Also, I had a hard time putting my ideas into action. After the course, I have less of a hard time sitting down in a practice session and doing my ideas.

Also, the ability to get more work done has helped me be less hard on myself, allowing me to be more intense and passionate about music making.

Highly recommended, thank you Kris!.

"Kris Cantu saved my life..."

-Lamar Campbell, MGTOW Savior on YouTube

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Thanks Kris always inspirational.

zoom zoom


Brother I'm so blessed to have found your channel!  Keep up the good work man!  Not only you are changing lives but also saving many.

Sanji s


Great video from a great dude that I look up to.  Good to see you doing your thing and speaking positive words.

John murphy


These lectures are super informative and validating.  Much respect and appreciation to you Kris.



Great video man!  It motivates me even more!

Manny Viif


I'm always looking forward to your inspiring/spiritual videos.  You are a role model for positive masculinity!  Thank you!

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Appreciate the content Kris!  Keep spreading the word.  Respect!

darren jones


Love this video!  Keeps me motivated to hit beyond the one week to 90 days mark.  Glad you're still here!



A.B. wanted to get more focused and find the right workout program.



Retired Medical Doctor

 Kris Cantu's 48 Hour Digital Detox fills a screaming need arising from the tsunami of techno-economic influences dragging us into an ever more contrived, unnatural, anti-humanistic environment in which we spend increasing portions of our lives glued to digital screens.  

Make NO MISTAKE: the word DETOX is married to the cerebral dopamine secretion that accompanies the anticipation of reward we get from interacting online, e.g. the experience is meant to create ADDICTION.  Unfortunately, the dopamine is secreted whether we are dealing with people or (especially on all those fraudulent dating sites) with AI.  

We are therefore placed in the position of engaging the addiction everyday, for several hours per day.  

Divorcing from that is an important part of maintaining our individuality, our humanity, and awareness of the world around us.  

I think Kris is the first person I've seen address this issue, and he does so in a straightforward, simple way.  

Note that I said "simple" - I did NOT say "easy".  

IMHO,  we would do well to incorporate the 48-hour Digital Detox into our weekly ROUTINES, and moreover even to find a way to even incorporate shortened forms into our lives EVERYDAY.  

Bad enough we've been slaves to a "magic money" central bank-led debt model for the past 100 years, it will not benefit anyone to allow an online addiction to covertly usurp more independence.  

For anyone who has children, 48-hour Digital Detox can be an important tool for promoting more people-to-people interaction to break the seemingly endless fascination youngsters demonstrate with their cell phones and social media.  

It would be great to see it available through schools and counseling offices. 

Okay, enough about my clients success.  Here is what I'm offering you:


A 5-week Focus and Digital Detox Program


What You Will Get today...
  • Instant Access To The Focus Case Study Membership Area
  •  1-on-1 Zoom Call To Craft A Personalized Plan Of Action and Execution 
  • Lifetime "Alumni" Status To Each Future Focus Case Study Group
  • Weekly Zoom "Office Hours" Calls To Answer Questions
  • New Training Uploaded Weekly To Membership Area
  • 14-day Digital Detox With Group Coaching
  • Massive discount on the Straightline Mindset Mastery course
  • Ongoing support and training over email
  • IQ Hacking and Working Memory Improvement Frameworks
  • Customized Diet, Supplement, and Exercise Plans
  • Sleep Hacking Secrets

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