Recent Studies Show Your Smartphone Is Melting Your Brain!

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Introducing The 48 Hour Digital Detox Formula

The 48 Hour Digital Detox Formula is a step-by-step guide for rewiring your brain from the harmful smartphone addiction that consumes our modern society.  In this course, we will give you the necessary steps to detoxify your brain from dopamine dependence.  This free course includes a 5-part video training, 2 PDF tracking guides, and a long-term plan to rebuild your dopamine brain receptors.

Get Instant Access To The 48 Hour Digital Detox Formula!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

These are just some of the benefits you will receive by accessing the 48 Hour Digital Detox Formula and implementing it into your life:

Reset Your Dopamine Receptors

By following the steps outlined in this course you will begin to free yourself of dopamine addiction caused by smartphones, social media, and pornography.

Reconnect With Nature

We have given you a simple program for rediscovering your "true self", reconnecting with nature, and breaking free from the virtual world.

Increase IQ

Studies have shown that dopamine addiction causes lowered IQ levels.  By following the course you will begin to rebuild neuropathways in your brain and increase cognitive function.

Feel Alive Again

What does it mean to be human?  Find out by disconnecting from "The Matrix" over a weekend and go live life as our ancestors did for thousands of years.

Read What Our Clients Say About Straightline Mindset

AB, Retired Medical Doctor

Houston, TX, USA

AB, Retired MD says...

 Kris Cantu's 48 Hour Digital Detox fills a screaming need arising from the tsunami of techno-economic influences dragging us into an ever more contrived, unnatural, anti-humanistic environment in which we spend increasing portions of our lives glued to digital screens.  

Make NO MISTAKE: the word DETOX is married to the cerebral dopamine secretion that accompanies the anticipation of reward we get from interacting online, e.g. the experience is meant to create ADDICTION.  Unfortunately, the dopamine is secreted whether we are dealing with people or (especially on all those fraudulent dating sites) with AI.  

We are therefore placed in the position of engaging the addiction everyday, for several hours per day.  

Divorcing from that is an important part of maintaining our individuality, our humanity, and awareness of the world around us.  

I think Kris is the first person I've seen address this issue, and he does so in a straightforward, simple way.  

Note that I said "simple" - I did NOT say "easy".  

IMHO,  we would do well to incorporate the 48-hour Digital Detox into our weekly ROUTINES, and moreover even to find a way to even incorporate shortened forms into our lives EVERYDAY.  

Bad enough we've been slaves to a "magic money" central bank-led debt model for the past 100 years, it will not benefit anyone to allow an online addiction to covertly usurp more independence.  

For anyone who has children, 48-hour Digital Detox can be an important tool for promoting more people-to-people interaction to break the seemingly endless fascination youngsters demonstrate with their cell phones and social media.  

It would be great to see it available through schools and counseling offices. 

Jason S. 

Tampa, FL, USA

Jason S. says...

We're constantly reminded by society that if we do not have a large social media presence, then we are not considered successful. The straight-line mindset to me signifies a realignment on what's important in life.

Riff Magos

Brisbane, AUS

Riff says...

I just wanted to thank you for your continued good work.  Nice work Kris.  Seriously enjoying your content.  More Men need to be discovering this information.


Oklahoma, USA

Lean Force Army says...

Thanks for the positivity, Man!


Kansas City, USA

Reverend20Piece says...

I'm loving the new content Kris.  Thank you for all that you do!

John Murphy

Briton, UK

John Murphy says...

Great video from a great dude I look up to.  Good to see you doing your thing and speaking the positive words.

Harol Edgar

New York, NY

Harol Edgar Coronado says...

Thank you for putting out this content.  You are keeping Men alive and strong.  To hell with the haters, keep being you.

The 48 Hour Digital Detox Formula

Here is what you will have access to in this FREE video course:


Chapter 1: Introduction and Framework

In this lesson we will explore "Why You Need A Digital Detox" and set the framework for reprogramming your brain without the digital stimuli you are addicted to.  We will also discuss the concept of "Deep Work" and why it will be so important in the coming Automation Revolution.


Chapter 2: 48 Hour Digital Detox Blueprint

This is a step-by-step guide for your 48 hour digital detox.  Since most work a Monday through Friday "day job", we will give you the blueprint that starts on Friday night and lasts until Monday morning.  We also provide 2 downloadable PDF guides so you can plan your schedule without digital devices and track progress throughout the 48 hour journey.


Module 3: Conclusion and Maintenance

We will conclude the 48 Hour Digital Detox Formula by assessing your results and actionable instructions to rebuild your dopamine receptors.  We will also challenge you to repeat the 48DDF for the next 30 days and beyond.

About Straightline Mindset Creator,
Kris Cantu

Kris is an expert at online video creation and instruction.  He has worked in the high-tech industry for over 15 years at leading video startups including Ustream and Blue Jeans Network.

Over the course of his career Kris has produced over 1,000 videos and has created online education programs for Fortune 500 corporations like Gymboree, Cisco Systems, and

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A Personal Note From Kris...

I created the 48 Hour Digital Detox Formula because I feel the greatest threat to maximum personal achievement is dopamine addiction stemming from smartphones and an "Always On" culture.  I researched how the brain works so I could provide you a step-by-step "dopamine addiction" treatment.  If you want to be ahead of the curve for the next, and final, revolution; The Automation Revolution, then gain instant access to The 48 Hour Digital Detox Formula and take action now!